Protect your pocketbook from data loss.

Your data are your precious digital memories. They’re your irreplaceable photos and videos, your important documents, your texts, and so much more. Losing them could be both devastating and expensive. Fortunately, our Data Recovery Plan covers your data when misfortune strikes. At less than $15 per year per device, you could save hundreds should you ever need to recover your data.

Customize your plan.

Just select the devices you want to cover and then choose from our individual and family plans.

Pixel8 Protection Plans by Seagate are not intended to cover your device. We cover the cost of data recovery only.

The numbers don't lie.

Check out these eye-opening stats and you’ll find it all adds up.

140K storage devices fail each week
25% of all PC users suffer data loss
90% data retrieval success rate
2.3TB Average in-lab data recovery


Read some amazing stories of how other people lost their data and then got it back.

Trent M.

Des Moines, IA, USA

“I can’t thank Seagate enough. After my external hard drive crashed, we thought for sure that we had lost everything. Seagate was able to recover 100% of the files! Most importantly, a decade’s worth of photos were recovered: everything from our wedding to the birth of our son. I can’t begin to tell you how happy we were to be able to get those memories back.”

Leo K.

Uppsala, Sweden

“I quickly received instructions online on how to send my drive to the Amsterdam service facility. I had a great customer experience throughout the entire process because I was managed by a single point of contact, who was always available and answered any questions that I had. You managed to save nearly 100% of my data to my complete satisfaction.”

William G.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

“The data retrieved represented over 25 years of digitized audio files from the various film and record projects I’d composed and recorded. Sadly, the drive that backed up this material also failed, so to say I am grateful to your company for saving all of this data would be an understatement.”


Allen, TX, USA

“Let me thank you and the technician who worked on this case. We lost our son due to cancer, and all his pictures were on this drive. Losing the drive would have meant that all the memories would have been destroyed as well. You guys never gave up, even after several tries, and did a phenomenal job recovering the data. You have an awesome team there.”

Misty G.

San Ramon, CA, USA

“I wanted to personally thank you for all of your kind help with my recovery case. It brought tears to my eyes when I opened my dear friend’s wedding photos and videos. Your patience as we went through the files was over and beyond what most would do!”